Thanks for all the nice comments before on “My dad’s death.” I really appreciate it! I shall get back to stuff later. :)

Apr 17 16:52 ( 3 )

It could have just been a bad dream that seemed real, or astral projection. Not sure…

Apr 17 16:48 ( 10 )

This is not unusual. My grandfather died 5 years before my sister’s birth and my mom always wanted her to meet him since she was the last grandchild of the family born at that time and the only one he never met because he died. Once my sister was playing on her hobby horse when she turned 3 and my mom said she heard a mans laugh come from her room where she was playing, she went in there only to find no one but her playing. She asked my sister who that was and she said, “It’s your dad, mom!” lol It made my mom laugh and cry because she knew he was still around. So yes, it’s not usual for that to happen to your mom. That’s why I tell everyone that death does not mean their gone forever. Whether or not you are able to initiate direct communication with a deceased loved one, please know that they’re with you, can hear you, and still love you. And of course, they’re okay.

Apr 17 16:46 ( 20 )

Thanks so much! Yes, it is possible. It’s very rare, but it does happen and actually anyone can do it. It’s not weird and nothing bad. It’s always possible to connect with a past life with the right meditation. Most people who experience this get the signs of: DÉJÀ VU, WEIRD MEMORIES,
DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES. Stuff and places you have known you’ve never done or been to.

Apr 17 16:39 ( 13 )
   when i was younger, up until about my freshman year in high school, I would always see the shadow of a man watching me from my doorway as I went to sleep.he was just a black shadow and fro what I could see he was bald with big ears. He always just peaked over the side and never came in my room. I remember feeling weird just because there was someone watching me, but I never felt like I was in danger. He was there every night for years, do you think he could have been a spirit guide?

Could definitively be or a relative. :)

Apr 17 16:33 ( 3 )

When I was around 5-7 years old I sleep walked for the first (and only) time and the dream I was having was the view from behind me. My room was really messy so after a few steps I tripped over something and there was this white orb to my right that was about the size of me that caught me before I fell and brought me back upright. That’s when I woke up and I was standing in that very spot.

Apr 17 16:32 ( 8 )
   I'm massively scared of the paranormal. As a kid I used to hear walking and running throughout the house at night. Nothing threatening. But I refuse to stay alone somewhere. If someone isn't with me at night I will drive around all night. Anyway to relieve this tension?

Don’t be scared. Sometimes it’s just spirit wanting to be heard and attention. To block them out, is really easy. You can cleanse your body in a bath with salt water and that helps. If spirits bother you then you can tell it to leave. Be firm and blunt, and say something along the lines of, “This is not the place for you, and it’s time for you to leave.”Sometimes this helps. I usually never block them out because it could be a relative.

Apr 17 16:31 ( 4 )

Sorry about the lack of answering asks and tarot readings. I will be doing it soon! Today is the anniversary of my dad’s death, so this week has been rough. But I am going to get back to it I swear. lol

Apr 16 14:27 ( 7 )

The Most Haunted Place In The World Is For Sale

Apr 16 14:20 ( 83 )


Apr 15 13:42 ( 190 )


A couple of years ago at a small get together after my father-in-law’s funeral, a friend gave this photo to me. Making the point, dad is in good company now; he is with the spirits. After his own father died two years earlier, he got out a box of old family photos. He remembers as a child this picture being the one that never turned out. However, as he now looked closer at the photo, he saw something no one had seen before. Maybe this picture wasn’t the picture that never turned out, but the one that turned out better than anyone thought possible. The photo was taken back in the 1950s. The man in the center had been institutionalized here in Ontario. On this afternoon, his sisters came to visit and took him for a walk on the hospital grounds. The man had been admitted to the hospital as being delusional; he saw things: spirits, Vikings, Indians, animals. Apparently, he died there, everyone thinking him crazy. Have a good look to the left of the woman on the left. Was this man really delusional?

Apr 14 15:27 ( 151 )


This picture has been floating around for awhile and even appeared in a documentary entitled World’s Scariest Ghost Pictures. It was allegedly taken at an abandoned mansion near Greencastle, Indiana, I think sometime in the late nineties, by a pair of amateur ghosthunters named Guy Winters and Terry Lambert. The figure of the woman was not seen at the time the photos were taken but appeared once they were developed. Analysed by photo experts, the image of the woman (thought by some to be the spirit of a young woman who died in the home in the early twentieth century) have been declared as authentic since the images exist on the negatives, thereby reducing—though not necessarily eliminating—the possibility of fraud. If legitimate, these are some of the clearest images of a “ghost” ever captured, which is, of course, what makes them so difficult to accept as real. If hoaxed, they are extremely well done.

Apr 13 15:22 ( 155 )


Not much on this image.

Apr 12 12:26 ( 42 )


I don’t know much about this picture other than it appears to have been taken sometime during the Second World War or shortly thereafter, making it unlikely to be a hoax. My guess is that the ghostly figure at the back of the room was one of the group’s comrades who simply refuses to admit that he’s dead and sees no reason why he shouldn’t be in the picture. Notice that even as a ghost he still wears his uniform. This would be an obvious Photoshop hoax if it weren’t for the fact that the picture was taken a good forty years before Photoshop was invented!

Apr 11 14:02 ( 82 )
Captain Tony’s Saloon in Key West, Florida is a haunted bar that isn’t like any other. It used to be a morgue and still in the bar you can see some of the graves inside.

In the 1980s, while the old plywood flooring was being ripped up, the skeletal remains of between eight and fifteen human beings were discovered, as was the grave marker of a woman named Elvira, which can be found next to a pool table (above).

And the macabre history of the place doesn’t even stop there. Capt. Tony’s sits in the very same location as Florida’s infamous ‘Hanging Tree,’ where 16 pirates and one woman were hanged many years ago. Ghost hunters claim that the woman, dubbed ‘The Woman in Blue,’ still haunts the premises to this day.

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